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What is the key to good content marketing?

It’s the strategy that counts. Content marketing uses the insights and wisdom you and your team have gained over the years in your specific domain to enlighten your audience and provide value.

The principle is quite simple: teach people how to accomplish their goals with more clarity and less effort, and the value you offer will come back to your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a car mechanic or an electrician. People care about what you have to say. You are an expert in the field, after all. Content marketing is your vehicle for helping the people most motivated to spend money in your field. With this powerful marketing tool, you can help them solve their problem, oftentimes by using your services instead of “going it alone.”

Don’t make these common content marketing mistakes

There is a popular, but false idea that you win with content marketing by producing the most content and pushing it out to the most places on the internet.

But dropping mediocre information all over the web doesn’t work. What really makes content marketing work is the sequence and pace at which you reveal ideas and share fresh, new insights.

It’s a lot more effective to put together a five-part tutorial, for example, than it is to haphazardly talk about minutia of low value like a haphazardly minded blogger. Most small business content unfortunately falls into this later trap

Content marketing done right.

At Kansas City SEO, you can expect a plan behind all of your content efforts.

It’s the marketing plan behind your content that will dictate whether people resonate with what you write and seek out your services, or tune it out.

Here is how we do it.

Step one: Find the sources where your audience hangs out

Are they career professionals on technical boards? Do they concentrate around a certain LinkedIn group?

Or is your crowd a more casual audience, chatting away on Facebook, Twitter, or a locally focused blog?

We have experience finding your best targets in your back yard, and we use it right here on step one.

Step two: Quantify value on audience terms

Different audiences have different content preferences.

Maybe your audience wants to hear from the local thought leader every week. A mini blog or podcast sounds perfect in that case.

Other audiences prefer videos. And others prefer infographics spread around social media.

We have the capability to implement all of these, including a special mix of content types, depending on how we profile your audience and what we see them responding to.

Step three: An endless chain of value.

A poorly designed content plan answers the customer’s key questions upfront — and then has nothing to say soon after.

We build content plans that work for years, because that’s what our clients need to grow for the long term.

As part of our comprehensive plan, we’ll layout the top questions that you should answer for your potential customers to build authority positioning fast. Then, we’ll work out a schedule that seamlessly drips important bits of advice that keeps them coming back for more.

We can produce the content, post it on social media, and send it to a private email list to those who who sign up on your website or any other channel where it’s suitable to reach out.

Capture attention and convert new prospects into sales

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