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Local Search: One of the two critical channels of search engine traffic

Traffic can come to your website organically through two main sources. One is Google’s universal search, the search page you’re probably used to. It can include videos, links to businesses, links to Yelp and other review sites, and many other places.

There is a whole other dimension to Google called the local search, and it’s far easier to rank highly on relatively quickly. Read on to discover how this special section of Google can drive a flood of new traffic to your website.

Where does Local Search fit in?

The local search appears most prominently on smartphones because Google knows that smartphone users are usually on the go.

Best of all, it displays businesses and nothing else. Local search is all about helping customers order what they want with minimal thumb scrolling or screen clicking.

Our customers at Kansas City SEO have seen returns ranging from good to phenomenal on the local search pages. All it requires is some online marketing budget devoted to the local/maps section of Google to see results in as little as 90 days.

Here are some more reasons why returns are typically stronger in the local SEO arena more than anywhere else.

Advantages of Local SEO

Search engine optimization in Kansas City can take a long time. This is a big city with a big population. Optimizing to get on page one through the traditional organic search will usually take eight months to a year, or even longer, depending on the business niche.

Local SEO results can be had in as little as three months, on the other hand. It all boils down to competition. Most other businesses continue to focus on the traditional search, ignoring the trends in Google Maps usage especially among smart phone users.

Caveat: a doctor or a dentist can expect more time before getting on the first page than a flower shop would take. Most likely, your business is somewhere in the middle.

Local SEO means diversity of traffic streams

If a big franchise moves in next door, your spot on page one of Google runs a real risk of being lost. But the local search algorithms favor businesses that concentrate on a single area, which is likely the case with your business. This actually puts you at an advantage in the local SEO section.

What industries does local SEO perform well for?

We’ve seen exceptional results for: virtually any home trade, health related services including dentistry, chiropractic and physician services, and all types of services that serve customers within a two to 10 mile radius.

How will your business fare? At Kansas City SEO, we’ll tell you the answer quite candidly.

We’ll also guide you towards local SEO best practices that keep your business at the top of the map results. People on mobile devices and desktop computers will be able to find you easily within Google Maps as a direct result of our ranking strategies.

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