Kansas City On-Page SEO

While links from other websites to yours are internet votes on your value within the Kansas City area, it is your own on-page link structure and code that acts as the final guide.

Good on-page structures connect the right visitor to the right sets of information and give search engines more information about your website. Google and Bing care about this visitor to message match enormously, and for good reason:

  • When customers have questions, which page should they go to for answers?
  • Who is the about page written to address?
  • When should customers visit the home page versus one of the product or service pages?

On-Page SEO done with customer intent in mind

Most other SEO services think of on-page SEO in terms of keywords only.

While you certainly want to optimize certain keywords to certain pages on your site, you’ll pick up so many more visitors by profiling their intent and writing content that matches up with what they are actually thinking about.

Now combine this deeper analysis with a sound on-page strategy that makes it easy for the user to navigate. Add proper meta information, image tagging, and navigational layouts for web crawlers like Google.

Do all the above, and you have a powerful on-page recipe. This is a recipe that will not only get you a higher search engine ranking boost, but also help convert more visitors to actual customers.

Whether you’re running paid or organic advertising, potential visitors make judgments about whether to stop on your website or visit five more relatively quickly. Our winning formula can get them to stop and start thinking about hiring.

On-Page SEO That Focuses on Customer Value

Kansas City SEO has guided business to think smarter about the structure of their website.

Not only can we show you how to maximize your flow of link equity, but we can also help you with things like logo positioning, headlines, placement of phone numbers, call to action buttons, and all of the important marketing aspects of SEO that help customers make the right decision – to choose you!

Our Approach to On-Page SEO Strategy

Before we advise on how to modify your website for maximum conversions, we’ll first have a serious discussion about what customers are looking for when they search for your type of product or service. This is the stepping stone to a greater message to market match.

After we profile your customer’s intent, we’ll make small or large changes to the current message (as per your request), test the changes, and report on the results.

We can also audit your website to determine more traditional technical aspects of site improvement that would make it easier for web crawlers to sort and rank the website higher up.

All of this is included in a standard on-page SEO service with Kansas City SEO. Contact us now to get the ball rolling.

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