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Nowhere is the difference between a good or bad SEO service as obvious as in the foundational service of link building. Link building is a core function of offsite search engine optimization. Every SEO company does it. Few do it with attention and care.

When Google decides which businesses to place on page one for a Kansas City SEO related key term versus page two or three (the uninhabited nether regions of the internet), the search spider primarily looks at the amount of other websites pointing to yours. These are considered votes.

If your competitor has more votes than you, then your competitor will likely rank higher than you and vice versa.

This ranking system can be a real problem though. Many other SEO services take this basic truth too far, focusing on low quality votes from websites that don’t have much value.

Your average SEO company has a suite of automated tools that can blast out hundreds of blog comments, forum posts and other so called black hat methods that get links fast.

The result is typically a short lasting rank boost. Google is wise to these tricks and tends to catch SEO abusers after some time.

Case study of what poor SEO can do to a business website

A business associate of ours was extremely upset to find that Google had penalized his website, knocking it down to page two because of the low quality links from spam websites that were now pointing to his. He was quite scared that his online presence might be toast for the long term.

After a long process of disavowing spam links that were holding his website down, he eventually recovered. But not before spending thousands more. That’s the cost of going cheap the first time.

Kansas City SEO builds high quality links from authority sources, including local newspapers, charities, school groups and many other high quality services that serve as a trust signal to Google. And we do it precisely to avoid cases like the above.

We do link building the old fashioned way

Kansas SEO does 90% of its link building by hand and in-house.

We don’t outsource to India. We don’t use spam tools. We simply build high quality links from local sources that build trust with Google and establish real world connections in your local community.

This is the strongest approach to long term results, although not the easiest. Which is precisely why so many companies avoid it.

If you want link building for the long term, give Kansas City SEO a call today.

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